MonitorImageHow Size And Disguise Guarantee Undetectable Spying

No doubt, size matters in covert surveillance using spy cameras. The little ones are sly ones. Disguised as wristwatches or electrical outlets, small hidden cameras with DVR’s are not at all easy to detect.

Portable and small hidden cameras with DVR’s are ideal for shadowing suspects, which include potential adulterers, abusers, backstabbers and deserters, and capturing them red-handed. A body-worn camera could be concealed in anything from Flash and stick drives to Bluetooth earpieces, car keys and pens.

Other small hidden cameras with DVR’s are for home and workplace uses. These may pretend to be clothes hooks, air purifiers, air fresheners, flowerpots and more. Their sizes and disguises are a killer combination for making them unnoticeable.

With the DVR built in, security cameras can record out of the box, with zero installation needed. Playback is no trouble, either. Generally, you slot the free SD card or a USB output into the correct port on your computer.